Покрытия для бассейна


For 7 years, we have been taking care of the protection and safety of private pools and regularly upgrade our protective covers, making them more convenient and functional.

Cover Pool produce the following products:

Semi-automatic pool closing system Cover-Save;

Manual covering Cover-Star;

Automatic sliding platform Cover-Deck;

For pool Cover-Blind;

Trampoline coating Cover-Winter;

Automatic sliding pool closure system Cover-Lock.

A from 1 year to 10 years for all types of products. guarantee Using high-quality materials allows you to minimize production defects, and in case of malfunctions, Cover Pool service staff will quickly eliminate them.

When concluding a contract for the production of a product, the cover is designed. Taking into account the exact size of the pool, the nuances of the garden and the preferences of the client, we will create a unique project and an exclusive finished product.

Delivery of the order is carried out to all countries of Europe, the cost will depend on the volume of the finished product, the location of the customer and options for unloading.

Some types of protective coatings can be installed by the buyer independently, but purchasing an automatic and semi-automatic platform, installation should be done by professionals. You can choose a suitable design in the product catalog. produktów.

To find out the details of ordering Cover-pools, contact the online manager or call +7 (911) 161-161-5. For calculate the cover of the selected design, use the online form on the site.

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+48 792 353 315

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