Blinds for the pool are the ideal solution for covering the pool inside the house, the best option for protecting the pool from evaporation and heat loss.



Blinds have a special reinforced design that allows to withstand the weight of the child.


Blinds are quite an expensive option for closing the pool inside the house, but they’re beautiful and durable. You can buy a bubble wrap with a reel - but this is not the most aesthetic option. Moreover, the solar film will not protect your loved ones from getting into the water.

Совершенство в каждой линии



Each coating for the Pool Cover-Blind is made individually for each pool. The blind cover is available in six different colors: white, gray, dark gray, vanilla, blue and transparent.


In the production of COVER-BLIND coatings, waterproof geared motors and rails of only high quality are used.

Outdoor performance

The advantage of this coating is that it will not clutter your site! Opening and closing of the pool is carried out automatically, which will allow you to open your pool without any efforts.

We produce 6 types of coatings

Installation options

“Blind Cover” is an elegant solution for a pool of any shape. Rack-curtain profiles are made of polycarbonate or polyvinylchloride, resistant to UV rays.

The coverlet lies on the surface of the water, provides safety and protects against pollution and heat loss.

The profiles of the blind cover are wound on a reel that is attached to the edge of the pool and can be operated remotely.

Cover-Blind coating is one of the simplest and most reliable. The set of bedspreads includes:

  1. 2 end supports
  2. Aluminum shaft
  3. Waterproof cylindrical geared motor
  4. Control Panel

Cover-Blind coating is an excellent combination of low cost of bedspread, aesthetics and ease of operation.

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