pokrycie basenowe Cover-Save


Cover-Save is a perfect combination of maximum security and a reasonable price. Performing all the automatic functions, this cover is lower in price and easier to install.



Semi-automatic coating protects your pool from dust, dirt, saves the expense of chemistry and of course the expense for heating the pool. And also perform the most important function - protect your children and your loved ones from getting into the water.

pokrycie basenowe półautomatyczne


The most modern coating, which really works saving thermal energy due to tight closing of the coating. It can easily withstand 120 kg per 1m2 which gives it a long service life, and due to the use of aluminum and stainless steel the coating will serve for several decades.

Półautomatyczne pokrycie basenowe Cover-Save

pokrycie basenowe chroni basen przed kurzem


Each Cover-Save covering is made individually for each pool. The color of the covering in the base: gray and blue, it is also possible to order a different color. The lid from the top is trimmed either with natural larch or we offer a special box in the color of the cover.


Before ordering a semi-automatic or other coating from us, our company makes a project, the Customer approves it, and we conclude a contract for the production of the coating. The project will specify the size, color, and coverage.

pokrycie basenowe wytrzyma całą twoją rodzinę i na nim można grać


The advantage of this coating is that it will not clutter your site! This coating can withstand the weight of the whole family and you can play on it.

We produce 6 types of coatings

Cover-Save semi-automatic covers are an example of a combination of safety and economy. Cover-Save has all the security features of Auto Cover-Lock, but its cost is lower.

Cover-Save covering is suitable for existing pools. The coverlet mechanism is located outside and covered with a decorative cover made of composite material or from a terrace board. Along the pool aluminum guides are placed. These guides fix the cloth bedspread and guide it along the pool. Cloth canvas is made of vinyl reinforced fabric gray or blue. In addition to the two standard colors, an additional five are available (beige, silver, chocolate, white, green).

Opening and closing is carried out with the help of two handles. Rotating one handle, we turn off the canvas, opening the pool. Rotating the second handle, pull out the canvas, closing the pool. In this case, the canvas moves inside the aluminum guides. Guides for the movement of the fabric are made of aluminum, are safe due to the rounded shape and a small height (only 15 mm) and are durable.

When manufacturing semi-automatic covering, we use the latest technology and materials. The basis of security - a reliable cloth from reinforced vinyl fabric. It is capable to withstand loads up to 120 kg / m2, has zero water resistance.

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