Ważnym etapem przy zakupie przekrycia do basenu jest jego montaż. Firma Cover Pools Sp. z o.o. ma doświadczonych  specjalistów w dziedzinie montażu wszystkich rodzajów przekryców.

As for the manual, trampoline and louver coverings, you can mount them yourself. Each cover is accompanied by instructions with a step-by-step description of the installation process. Installing yourself is not going to be difficult.

To install other types of coverings (automatic and semi-automatic, mobile platform) it is better to contact our specialists. Installation of the cover is carried out after its manufacture in our production. We pre-agree the installation time and our team of installers will come to the site at the same time when the covering is delivered. The option is possible when you receive a cover in advance, and our installers come for installation later.

COVER-LOCKS installation

The installation of an automatic cover is preceded by the making of a project for pouring a bandage around the pool, taking into account the pit to house the automatic cover mechanism. After pouring the concrete bandage belt, it is necessary to finish the area. Most often, a terrace tile or a terrace larch or KDP board is laid. Moreover, you must first bring the electrical cable to the installation site and select the location of the on / off button.

The basic stages of an automatic cover installation:

1. Fastening of aluminum guides;

2. Installation of the mechanism of unwinding / unwinding the cloth in the pit;

3. Installation of blankets;

4. Connecting the hydraulic station

5. Pre-commissioning works.

COVER-SAVE installation

Installation of a semi-automatic cover is similar, except 4.

COVER-DECK Installation

Installation of a mobile terrace also requires the preliminary made project. The project provides the direction of its movement, the wiring of electrical cables. After the approval of the mobile platform project, you must prepare the basis (if required in accordance with the project). The base is faced, as a rule, with terrace tiles or a terrace board. To the places of drives installation it is necessary to bring electric cables.

The process of installing a mobile terrace includes several stages:

1. Fastening of aluminum guides

2. Installation of the platform on the guides

3. Finishing the platform with boards

4. Installing the drive

5. Pre-commissioning works.

COVER-BLIND Installation

The installation of the louver cover is very simple and can be performed without our specialists. It includes fixing the pillars to the base, installing the shaft and fixing the lamellar web to the shaft. The coverlet is accompanied by a step-by-step instruction for installing a coverlet.

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